Leading in an increasing uncertain environment and with divergent employees in constantly evolving teams requires a high level of self-awareness, confidence and skill in managing expectations. KPR, in conjunction with Professional Certified Coach Getti Mercorio, offers a range of leader development coaching programmes.

The outcomes for the programme are to:

  • Develop greater self-awareness and self-mastery
  • Begin to understand and deal better with other personality types
  • Start to respond consciously and thoughtfully rather than reactively
  • Learn to listen actively and more effectively
  • Make more powerful requests and increase accountability
  • Contribute to better delivery on promises and agreements
  • Gain techniques to manage stress and pressure
  • Deal more effectively with conflict and difficult situations
  • Give and receive feedback more constructively

Leader development can be offered in numerous ways including individual one-on-one, relationship and systemic team interventions, a brief overview of which is provided below.

Individual Coaching

As an ontological coach, Getti believes that coaching is about learning new ways of observing the self, others and the world. Learning to be a new observer of our use of language, our moods and emotions and our posture and breathing, creates new possibilities to shift our way of being to become more resilient, resourceful and creative. He skilfully supports his clients (individuals and employers) to clarify their objectives and to work consciously and intentionally towards achieving them.

Systemic Team Coaching

With an avid interest in diversity in the workplace and the challenges this can present, Getti offers team coaching for groups of varying sizes. Informed by systems theory and the Enneagram personality-typing system, team coaching is a highly effective approach with many positive outcomes, which result in improved cohesion, focus and productivity. Key benefits include improved communication, decreased conflict, positive attitudes and easier alignment of individual, group and organisational goals.

Relationship Coaching

Getti works with business and professional partners to articulate individual and shared values, future vision and goals and to enhance relationships. He assists partners to understand each other more explicitly and to become more conscious of the different roles they could fulfil to optimise both the relationship, the business and its outputs.

Getti is certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and credentialed as a coach by Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA). By skilfully asking questions that generate insight, Getti supports clients to attain lasting improvements in job performance, team participation, personal mastery, interpersonal effectiveness, and overall quality of life.